U1000 and live view / radar energy saving


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Apr 11, 2021
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Good morning to everyone, I have a U1000 with rear camera and radar, wired to the car with the original OBD cable.
I'm writing here because Thinkware is no common in Italy, I hope I will find more answers in this community.
I know that U1000 can work in two separate ways:
- if I want to use the radar feature, dashcam need to be set in Energy Saving mode. So, it's impossibile to use Live view.
- if I want to use the Live view, Energy saving must be disabled.

Said that, in my car I've a 4G mobile hotspot with a data plan, powered by a backup battery: network is always available.

What is the problem? I don't understand how dashcam works.
In energy saving mode, when the U1000 is connected through WiFi to my smartphone, if I turn off the car, close it and go away, the U1000 disconnect from the smartphone and WiFi led start blinking in blue until it finds the hotspot...after some seconds, it connects to the hotspot and stay connected for....I don't understand. Also 1 hour, sometimes 10 minutes. In this time, if I try to connect from my smartphone, I can use the live view feature, which stop to works when it goes in real parking mode.

Also, if i disabled energy saving, the behaviour of the dashcam is the same. Sometimes it stops to works in this mode after 1 minute, sometimes after 1 hour.

At first, I suppose that could be a problem related to the battery voltage, so I set 12V in the app as limit, but i tried also with a battery charged connected to the car, to have constantly 13v, and there's no change.

I simply would know what are the steps that I have to do in order to choose two different scenarios, because sometimes i need the radar feature and other times the Live view feature.

Thanks in advance! :)

In order to have more informations, I just tried another time to set the dashcam and....these are the settings of the cam, and this is me closed in the car without keys, with doors closed: dashcam continue to stay connected to the mobile hotspot of the car, in continue recording mode, as you can see in the picture (wifi led blue, rec led red).
Now I'm at home and I can connect to the dashcam through Live view.....

Screenshot_20210411-171100_THINKWARE CLOUD.jpg20210411_170935.jpg
Ferrari fan? ;)

Are you sure the dash cam is entering parking mode and you're not just testing this in normal continuous recording mode, when the car is off?
Yes, Ferrari fan :D

Sorry for my absence, I had made some tests...so, I think it was my fault! Because there was the battery maintainer that took me in error.

At the moment the dashcam seems to work good in parking mode with radar on, so no more issues.

But the problem is still present with Remote Live View, because if I set the dashcam in continue parking recording (disabling energy saver) it stays on for a while and sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes after 3 hours, despite the hotspot connected, it will go off (and this time I'm sure that's not a low voltage problem.
LeClerc P4!

Is this hotspot your vehicle's built-in, or a 3rd party one? Not all built-in vehicle hotspots work, unfortunately.
I hope he and Carlos will have a better car for the 2022... [emoji17]

It's a third part hotspot.

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Can you try redoing the complete Cloud registration and connection process?
I don't think is an account issue, because Live View is working. I don't understand why sometimes go to parking mode and sometimes not, also if energy saver is disabled.
Maybe I can try with radar disconnected?

The problem is also that Italian official support doesn't answer to my question...
Perhaps try a firmware reflash as well?
I will try. Now I'm monitoring the situation making other tests... [emoji2371]

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