Unhappy Buyer from FoxOffer


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Jan 9, 2015
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Mel bourne, Australia
Dash Cam
This was my first dashcam purchase so came to this site for a bit of insight and recommendations.
I decided upon the B40 (A118) as it is one of the dashcams recommended, and bought it from FoxOffer via their eBay page/store as recommended on this site (https://dashcamtalk.com/b40-a118/).

It came appx. a couple of weeks after ordering (to be expected when buying internationally) and initially I was quite happy with the product; for a cheaper priced unit it did every thing it had advertised (gps, looped recording, decent quality etc.).

The unit was mounted on the windscreen with the supplied accessories and was powered with the supplied micro-USB cable that was plugged into the cigarette-socket, which automatically powered up the unit when the car was turned on.

But, alas, all good things must come to an end: one day after work - 2.5 months(ish) into use - when I turned on my car, the unit powered up as usual, but this time it got stuck on the startup splashscreen and I couldn't do anything with it. I tried everything I could think of: resetting the device, letting the battery completely drain and then recharge, plugging in the computer etc. but could not get the issue resolved.

I then tried contacting FoxOffer to see if they could help or offer any suggestions.. I found that to get any response from them you must send them at least 3 emails (each time!). They sent me a firmware to update the device with - that didn't work, then they sent me another firmware, which again didn't work. After a while (it had been 3 months at this stage) they offered to replace the unit if I shipped the faulty unit back to them. I initially agreed, until I found that AusPost wouldn't ship it (internal battery) and to ship the faulty unit it back to them it would cost me a similar amount to the cost of the unit itself.

I have tried to since email them (numerous times again) to explain this and to see if they would just offer me a refund, but have yet to receive a response (it's been almost 4 months since these requests and 7 months since initially contacting FoxOffer).

I am putting this down as a loss and will probably just pay the extra dollars and buy locally next time.
But just warning people who are considering to buy from FoxOffer to at least be aware of this, and that if you have an issue, it is very difficult to get any communication or support from them.
communications issues aside if you buy a camera with a battery you can't ship them back through any regular carrier and the carriers that will take them will cost you close to what the camera costs so still an issue regardless for anything that needs to be sent back
You have learned a valuable lesson about buying locally whenever possible. I do business with the Chinese 'mega-stores' but I know the risks and possible costs, so I only buy cheap stuff from them. Even without batteries involved, shipping anything into China is expensive, and I think that is intentional.

As I am not sending the original camera back they are only offering me a $20 refund (or a replacement for $40), I think I'll just take the $20 and be done with them.

You have learned a valuable lesson about buying locally whenever possible.
Correct. I was aware of the risks, and still bought it a Intl cheapo so can't really get too upset, tho I kind of went on the good review/recommendation that I saw on this site.
I post this so that others have a better idea of FoxOffer and what to expect from their products.
I do fee sorry if you are not happy.
Partial refund is a best solution if we can not get the fault camera back.

Sometime we will ship the replacement first to whom promised ship the camera back but actually never received.
Or sometimes we just received a empty box or a letter.

If you still need a camera in future, and trust us, we can offer a big discount to you for our future camera A119.