Uninterruptible power supply using 5V power bank

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    I've been driving with my DIY uninterruptible power supply for my Xiaomi YI for quite some time now. Even though the solution seemed so obvious and easy for me, I found it's a rather big problem for dashcam owners (people go crazy with 12V batteries, ridiculously expensive BlackVue power packs, etc.)
    I've put a nice write-up in here http://blog.nagimov.com/uninterruptible-5v-usb-power-supply/

    It's based on 5V power bank (the same people use for charging their phones on the go) and couple of 5V relays. Cost of all the components (excluding the power bank) is around $20

    Here's a picture with my layout:
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    A DPDT relay and a 5V source which can charge the powerbank and run the cam at the same time is all that's needed. I too am surprised that more people don't do this, but given the number of posts where people are afraid to even do their own fuse taps I guess its par for the course :whistle: Although it's generally very safe if you use good cells and charging circuitry, I don't advocate in-car charging of LiIon batteries because most people don't fully appreciate how critical those two points are ;) I'm totally with you om the ridiculous prices being charged for the store-bought versions :mad: The manufacturers of those can't have more than $25 in them even using the very best components. It's just insane :rolleyes:


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