Unpopulated Lists During Delete - SJ4000 Wi-Fi


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Dec 4, 2015
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While deleting files I came across the screens you see in the attached photos. How did I get there?
1. Go to Setup menu.
2. Choose Delete.
3. Highlight "Delete Current?" or "Delete All?" (makes no difference).
4. Press the Mode button. The first screen showing a blank list appears.

The first screen to appear is actually the same as the Record mode screen, the second one is the same as the Camera mode, the third is Playback mode (shown twice in the attached photos to illustrate .mov and .jpg files). You advance to each mode screen by pressing the Mode button. In Playback use the Down button to advance through different files. The blank list is the same in all modes except that Playback shows a single file on the bottom line.

If you press the OK button while on the Record screen the camera begins to record a video. Press OK again to stop. On the camera screen when you press OK you take a picture. On the Playback screen, if you select a video file then press OK the video will start to playback. In all three cases you can't see what you're shooting/playing back because the blank list stays put. On the Playback screen if you press and hold the Up button then the dialog box "Delete Current?" "Delete All?" and "Cancel" appears and you can highlight and proceed as you choose.

I don't understand the point of all this. All these screens duplicate other actions on the camera and do it worse. Do they serve some other purpose? It's the same on both my cameras so I know it's not just a one-off. The firmware version for both is G20150408V02.