Upgraded 0801 to 0805 (Poor GPS)


Feb 15, 2014
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United Kingdom
A month or so ago I made the decision to upgrade my 0801 to 0805, the 0801 was stilling performing well with no issues apart from the poor quality video at night (This was always the case) anyway before i decided to do the full cable and base swap I tried the camera with the old GPS base just to make sure that the video quality was up to scratch etc, everything worked ok! GPS was good with no issues.... for a short while i contemplated leaving the old base and power cable the only thing that made me swap was the slightly lopsided angle with the looser base of the 0801. so after I swapped over the base and cable I now start to notice the intermittent GPS drop out...tonight I opened both bases to look at the pcb's (Photos attached) one of the pcb's are identical

0801 (Mini USB)
Y120801 GPU VER0.5 same date of manufacture 2013-07-09
Y120801 GPS VER0.2 2012-11-29

0805 (Micro USB)
Y120801 GPU VER0.5
Y120801 USGPS VER0.1 2013-10-22

I wonder if the US has any relevance

Mini 0801 pcb 1.jpg Mini 0801 pcb 2.jpg

Mini 0805 pcb.jpg


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Sep 12, 2016
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United Kingdom
I had the same issue, my 0805 gps was intermittent, but worked fine with my 0801 gps base, but my hardwire kit is micro USB for the 0806, the 0801 base was mini USB.
I opened up both bases, the 0806 gps PCB was covered in solder flux, very messy and had some bad soldering as well as damage to the ceramic antenna.

Comparing both PCB's they seemed identical and the 0801 PCB was in much better condition so I swapped the main pcb's over by de-soldering them from the power pcb and re-soldering the new PCB in place so I now have a working 0806 gps base with a micro USB power connector to fit my hardwire kit :)


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