Urive MD-9300E Classic 2CH Full HD - HD


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Jul 13, 2016
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United States
Dash Cam

Full HD-HD High-quality & low-capacity video recording
It provides clean & vivid video quality (front: 1920x1080, rear: 1280x720) and optimal viewing angles (front: 115°, rear: 130°) by recording all of the important scenes while driving and parking monitoring mode. This product is capable of recording high quality images in low doses to adopt high profile codec, memory efficiency is also increased by more than 10% of our other Full HD video recording products.

Excellent for heat resistance (Low heat / Auto-saver)
This product records videos during longest time comparing to all products of Urive Full HD under hot temperature in the summer. It has Auto-saver function to protect by itself from the heat. It will turns the LCD off when the temperature is higher than its set temperature. Even if the LCD is off, it records all the videos.

Hi-speed booting
This product starts and saves videos within 7 seconds after the power applies. This records can cope with sudden acceleration incidents and sudden accident during engine ignition.

3.5” Wide touch screen PIP (Picture in picture)
The front and rear real time video and recorded video files can be viewed on a 3.5 inch wide LCD screen. The LCD shows real time front and rear video images at the same time as a PIP function and users can switch the front and rear images by a touch.

Intelligent parking event notification Battery discharge protection device
It has intelligent parking monitoring function. It can recognize and detect motions and impulses when the car is parked. In addition, it gives information about parking impulses on the LCD and voice guide when it switch from parking mode to driving mode. In order to prevent a car battery from discharge during the parking mode, It has parking timer and voltage cut-off setting mode. If the voltage is lower than the set volume, it executes the voltage cut-off automatically for preventing the car discharging. Users can set the cut-off voltage in the dedicated viewer.

Stable file system Voice guide
It is equipped with a function for stably operating in a self-management file DB in order to improve the stability of the conventional FAT file system. It supports voice messages to guide the product operation allows the user to concentrate on driving.