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Jun 2, 2014
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Hey y'all (I am not from the south but I like saying that for some reason). Got my newest review on the (obviously) Shadow GT880S. Sunny from was able to send this to me for review so thank you Sunny and GearBest.

As usual, the main meat of my review is in my video below. I gotta say, I was not sold on this camera at first, and sort of was expecting less, but was pleasantly surprised. Right off the bat I should get out of the way I personally don't like the form factor (many of you know this about me, for new people, this is NOT a knock on the camera, as it is just a personal preference) and it definitely doesn't have top of the line video quality. But a lot of dash cam owners or potential owners don't mind a form factor like this (otherwise the g1w wouldn't sell as well STILL) and the video quality is "good enough" for me to recommend IF you want these other features. Which brings us to:


Built in GPS, pretty awesome for such a cheap camera, never had issues, always worked as it should. although it does add some height to the camera.

On-board Diagnostics. Probably my favorite feature. It is not THAT useful, but the fact that it plugs into the OBD port surprised me and I hope more cameras do this in the future. Makes a lot of sense, and makes having a permanent power connection SOOO much easier than the power magic pro or similar devices.

Build quality is actually pretty nice, it is an affordable "cheap" camera but it feels sturdy, probably nicer than the walmart dashcams I've seen.

I mention a few other things in my video like how it includes multiple mounts, check out the video.


It uses a battery which I forgot to mention in the video.

video quality is standard, not terrible but not special either. Night quality is very bright but very grainy.

Also the form factor is not very elegant to me.

No buffered recording in parking mode (that I noticed) but the parking mode still seems to work pretty well and quickly. I always just used full video though.

Other notes:

It does include software for viewing your video files but sort of pointless to me. It is nice for users that are not tech savy but not very indepth compared to registrator viewer.

I liked the different screen saver options.

Check out the video review here:

If you are interested in purchasing this camera:

Coupon code: GT880S and it is $109.99 with free shipping.

Product Photos:

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