USA's T-mobile's 5G and 128k appear to provide same functionality to a BV DR900X-2CH dashcam

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Mar 5, 2016
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About a year ago I contracted w/T-Mobile for their $10/mth plan for 2GB of 5G data, but about a week into the first month I received a text that I had exhausted all my 5G data and that my data speed was being reduced to 128 kbps. I have received the same text every month about 1 week into my monthly data cycle.
Now, I do a lot of driving (~24k/yr), plus use PM via a 2-pk BV battery pack, so I wasn't surprised to exhaust the 2GB of 5G data so quickly. Curious, however, I calculated I would need about 8GB/mth to cover my dashcam needs. However, a couple of months went by before I decided to do some real-life checking with my dashcam. So, I reasoned that if my data was downgraded from 5G to 128k after about a week, that video clips past the day of the downgrade would not be of the same quality as those recorded using 5G speed. To my surprise, however, the video clips quality was indistinguishable. Also, I appeared to have lost no video clips, and all video clips for the entire month appeared readable (didn't check them all as there were just far too many). From this, it appear that I could, conceivably, pay much lower data speed prices if available, have --perhaps-- 128kbps-only data speeds all month long and still be able to get all the benefits of my dashcam. Is this correct or am I overlooking something somewhere? If I made some wrong calculation or assumption, where did I go wrong?