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May 5, 2022
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Greater Manchester
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[This camera was provided free of charge by Vantrue, and is an amazing opportunity by them to start reviewing cameras]

First impression

The Element 2 is quite a small but powerful camera. Similar in size to a Go-pro Hero 5, it doesn't take up much space, and can be easily hidden behind the interior mirror, to avoid distraction. The screen is 2.5" and is clear enough to set up the camera and be able to change settings. The voice control is a nice feature, however it sometimes struggles to pick up my voice when music is playing, or there is a lot of road/wind noise. The G-sensor file lock was also easily triggered with large bumps or potholes, despite changing the sensitivity. The addition of a remote by default is a nice touch, as it allows you to focus on driving, even whilst saving a clip. The cables provided are nice and tough, useful when routing, although the choice of using a straight connector for both ends of the rear camera, wasn't a good idea.

Installation was nice and simple. the rear camera cable was easy to route through wiring looms, and the front cable is nice and thin so hiding it behind panels requires less effort. The option of USB-C connectors is good for compatibility with other cables, and means you aren't restricted by cable direction.

Setting the camera up was very easy too. I used the mobile app to change all of my settings, although changing them on the camera is simple too.

Resolutions available:
The camera can operate in front only and rear mode in the following resolutions:

In front only mode, all resolutions can be recorded at 30fps. In 2 channel mode, the camera can run all resolutions, except 1944p in 30fps. 1944p in 2 channel mode can only record at 24fps. When recording in 1944p, the camera can become quite hot, and i would not recommend touching the housing or screen.

The camera has many features that are standard with other high-end cameras, including beyond it's price bracket, including:
Clear, large screen
2.4/5GHz WIFI connection
Voice control
Wireless remote
GPS Location and speed data
Quick disconnect, powered mount
Mobile app with live preview
Various parking mode options (hard wire kit required)

The screen is a decent size and is useful for helping you angle the camera. The UI is clean and shows you the enabled settings and relevant data such as a speed readout, current video length and sate/time. The 5GHz WIFI connection allows you to quickly change settings and download videos from the camera. The voice control is a useful feature, and very responsive when it works, although it does sometimes struggle. I prefer to keep it off and the wireless remote is more reliable. The wireless remote can be stuck anywhere you wish to allow you to keep your eyes on the road, even if you need to save a clip. The sensor data can be useful to show the speed and forces of an incident, and show where the vehicle was traveling. The mount allows the camera to be easily removed and installed, for if you want to take the camera inside. The parking mode options allow you to pick which mode is best for you. [I do not yet have a hard wire kit, so i have not been able to test the parking mode function yet]

Video Quality [settings used: 1440p 30fps 2channel, +1 exposure on the rear, WDR on and 60Hz frequency]
The daytime video is good, you can make out registrations pretty easily towards the center, but harder around the edges due to motion blur. Reading them at night is a lot harder, and near impossible on the edges. Performance isn't reduced dramatically in the rain during the day, however spray and reflected lighting makes it really hard in the dark. The colours are quite accurate in both light and dark, and aren't washed out when lit by headlights.

Final Thoughts/Opinions
This is a nice, High quality camera for a price lower than the competition with similar capabilities and features, and has since replaced my Viofo A129 plus duo, and I will soon be buying accessories such as the polarizing filter and a hard wire kit. while it is unfortunate that the rear camera arrived broken, I installed it anyway, and reinforced it with high-strength glue. The front camera mount can't be angled at 90°, so mounting to a vehicle with a vertical windscreen may be difficult, However this is a small, uncommon issue. I would definitely recommend this camera to someone if it fits their budget.

Unboxing video:

Daytime video examples:

Camera purchase:


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