Vico Power Plus not powering off


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Aug 1, 2018
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Installed the vico power plus with the Blackvue DR900S-2CH and have tested every combination of voltage, timer and even heat, and the unit will not power down. I can only put it on Bypass and turn of the ignition and it will shut down. Any of the power off features will not shut the dashcam down. Asking the question on the Amazon page if this unit could be defective if it doesn't shut down, the retailer responded as if it was my fault:
VicoVation Vico-Power PLUS Battery Discharge Prevention (BDP) Device for Parking Mode

Rephrase the question, unit will not power down on timer, voltage or heat, is it defective?

No other reports of that ever. Double check power sources being used, ground/wiring, dip switch positions, built in fuse. You have a one year warranty from the seller you purchased it from if you confirm you have some rare defect where the power stays constant.
The timer is known to be inaccurate on these. (they don't have a real time clock in there) If you set it for 30 minutes it might take much longer than that. Test again but wait longer than the time you selected.
I've already tested all timer settings from 30 min to 48 hours, leaving it for an extended 24 hours beyond the set end time! It failed every time testing to "never" turn off the dashcam.
If you confirmed everything you can possibly confirm, sounds like it's defective. You have a 1 year warranty if it was Sold by OCD Tronic. Contact your seller for RMA instructions.
Ok please send us an email or private message with your order details, I'll send RMA instructions so we can replace it for you no problem.