Viewing Clips Away from Dashcam


Apr 13, 2018
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I just purchased and plugged in a CH-200 and recorded some (non-moving) vids last night just to get a feel for things (I only had about 20 minutes so am just learning). I couldn't see how I could view my phone clips away from the BlackSys network connection, but also just now saw there is a BlackSys viewer application that one can put on their home computer. That said I have a few quick questions:

1. If I drove somewhere, stopped, and brought my phone with me beyond the BlackSys network range (say, inside a hotel room, or in store several blocks away, etc.), would I be able to view the clips on my phone, or would I need a working BlackSys network connection? and

2. If I downloaded the Blacksys Viewer for my PC, and again, if I'm away from any dashcam-smartphone connection, would I be able to view my recorded clips in the Blacksys Viewer on my PC? I guess I'm asking if the clips recorded to my phone while driving will be automatically uploaded to my BlackSys Viewer on my PC because of my linked account (or something like that)?

Thanks! - Mike
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Apr 5, 2018
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I haven't used BlackSys personally, but just by looking at their website...

It's likely that you would have to save any specific files to your internal phone memory through the mobile app (while having your phone and CH-200 connected together) and then you'd be able to view those saved videos, regardless if you were near your cam or not.
For the PC viewer, you'd have to remove your SD card from the cam and plug it into your PC to view the files. (or have the files already saved locally from copying them off the SD card)

This seems to be how most dashcams work, the only exceptions would be cloud-compatible cams... which could do what you're looking for - likely at some additional cost if you want to access files at any given time.