Viofo A119 Vs. DDPai Mini 2

Jun 29, 2017

Another set of battle for 2K Ultra HD Dashcam!!!
Coming to debut would be Mr CKJ’s all time favourite Viofo A119 and as well as the newly reviewed DDPai Mini 2.

My review link :
Viofo : Viofo A119
DDPai : DDPai Mini2

Product Page :
Viofo : Viofo A119
DDPai : DDPai Mini2

The Rivals !

The setup of both Viofo A119 and The DDPai Mini2 on windscreen

To my very 2cents, Viofo A119 is still standing strong. Although both are running at 2K UHD resolution but if you have a detailed view at the comparison video, the result is quite obvious.
Well I would say DDPai Mini2 is not bad too, it tends to be brighter when in low light area but when it comes to sharpness & noises, it still have spaces to be improved whereby video quality of Viofo A119 is clean and sharp.
** CPL Filter added on Viofo A119, image tends to be darker.

Hope my comments and review video will be resourceful to you. Thanks for reading!
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