Viofo A139 3CH review

Well i hope they will some day soon, lots of good modding on other viofo models, and i like to get in on enjoying the fruits of that.
Matrix block Disassembly


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@vvs49 Any exposed pins for interface and debug access via UART?
I like the phone like connectors for the camera module. :)
I like the phone like connectors for the camera module. :)

Although I'm not too sure how much twisting strain that flat cable can handle. I guess it's best not to twist the lens up and down too much :unsure:
I am leaving my A139 alone, not even tearing into the remnants of the vandalized one.
The heat will come, I will install and work on the firmware.
VIOFO for some reason does not want to update the firmware !!
This is not good without HDR.
Always glad to see FW modding happen (y) It's pretty good now so not sure what can be done but having many eyes and hands working always does better than having only a few doing that. Everything can be improved on, nothing is perfect ;)

If this camera are no good without HDR, no camera is no good without HDR.
But do share what you come up with (y)

I am not aware of any major problems with the A139 at the moment, but i am sure just on image quality it could be made to perform a lot better, but functionality updates seem to be what dashcam makers focus on most often.