VSYSTO Motorcycle 2CH Dash Cam (Wi-Fi, SONY IMX323, Waterproof, GPS Track)


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Dec 28, 2017
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M4 - 3 in 1 Multi-Function Dash Cam system (DVR + Phone Holder + Phone Charger)




P6F - Full Body Waterproof Dual Lens Dash Cam
1) 2.0'' LCD screen with touch key
2) Front 1080P + rear 1080P lens
3) SONY IMX323 sensor; 6-layer all glass lens
4) Full boday waterproof
5) WiFi connection



M2F & M2F Pro
1) 3.0'' LCD screen with touch key
2) Front 1080P + rear 1080P lens
3) SONY IMX323 sensor; 6/7-layer all glass lens
4) Waterproof case for main body(M2F Pro)
5) WiFi connection


1) No screen design
2) Front 1080P + rear 720P lens
3) SONY IMX323 sensor + OV9712 sensor; 6-layer all glass lens
4) Waterproof case for main body(M2F Pro)
5) WiFi connection


VSYSTO 2CH camera system is designed especially for motorcycles. Aimed to simplify the use of cameras, for security, and pleasure. Compared to sports action camera, VSYSTO professional dash cameras are equipped with dual front & rear sync recording cameras, allows you to capture the unexpected accident evidence, and amazing travel scenery.
  • Especially Designed for Bikers: 2 channel separated cameras with each standard 2.5 meters extension cable for front and rear view recording. Good stability and friendly operation will let you enjoy the ride!
  • Superb Image Quality: Both cameras are equipped with SONY IMX323 CMOS image sensor, 7-layer glass lens, 170° super wide angle fish eye lens. Brings a super sharp image quality, and crystal clear video.
  • Metal housing: Designed with steel housing to disperse heat away from internal circuit.
  • Built-in WiFi: Allows you to view (real time), snapshot, playback and download online wirelessly on your mobile device. APP supports both IOS & Android systems.
  • Best Weatherproof Solution: IP68 waterproof cameras, and especially designed waterproof case. Allows you to use it under any weather condition.
  • Super Capacitor Design: Without risk of battery explosion and with much longer life compared to lithium battery. Power through motorcycle’s battery never need to be charged. No need to worry about charging problem at all.
  • Auto Power On/Off: Start automatically with your ignition, or any movement (ACC/smart power module) and turns off once the bike is not being used (keep recording about 3 minutes after your bike not being used for smart power module).
  • GPS track (Optional): It will show your movement (with speed, coordinate, route) in Google Map of GPS player.
  • Loop Recording: Support up to 128G TF card which you can record long time without overwritten. And it will keep continuously recording as 1/2/3/5 minutes (set on menu or APP) clips by overwriting the oldest files.
  • Emergency Recording Mode
1) G-Sensor Event Recording: It will automatically activate emergency recording mode when detecting a collision.
2) Manual Event Recording: Press the emergency button of wired remote to manually activate emergency recording mode.
Video files recorded in emergency mode are protected from being overwritten.


Front Cam Test

Rear Cam Test
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Mar 30, 2019
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Hi to everyone.

I read many post on this forum and elsewhere about dashcam for motorbike and i wanto to share my experience.

I wanted a dual dashcam for my motorbike, and finally i purchased a Vsys M6.

I used now for about 1 year and i believe is useful to share my experience.

After the first month i was quite happy with it and i purchased also a M1L for my second motorbike.

Later i faced some problems, but i admit for the price i consider the product not bad.

The main issue was the customer support.

But let's see some details.

The specs of the cam are here: Vsys M6

Brief :
1. Real 1080P & 720P resolution
2. Mini size
3. Both camera are waterproof
4. single microSD

Interface:Micro SD/TF,WI-FI
Video Format:MOV
Max External Memory:128G
Imaging Sensor Front:Sony IMX323 / 1080p
Imaging Sensor Rear:OmnVision OV9712 / 720p
View angle:170/120 degree
GPS Tracker:Optional
External controller: optional
Frames Per Second:30
Video Code:H.264
Chipset:Mstar MSC8328
LCD screen size: 2"

My M6 seems to be replaced by the M6L; the only difference seems to be the new M6L has no screen (i agree with this choice: i believe isn't very useful), and new design of the front cam.
Here the link: Aliexpress M6L

I also bougt the external GPS unit, and the "external controller". Basicly is just a wired botton with a led: when the led flash you can understand the DVR is recording, and when you click the button, it "locks" the current video file so that it will not be overwritten. After fixing some issue (check net list, point 8), i believe is not very useful: i'll remove it as it is too big, i'd prefer a small led and nothing else.

The problems i found:
1) i like the wifi could be always on, so i can transfer the file to my smartphone everytime; at beginning it doesn't seem possible. I wrote some mail to the customer support but they weren't able to help. Anyway playing with the controller button, i discovered that holding the button for a couple of seconds, it switch on/off the wifi!​
That's a surprise not documented in the manual and even at the customer support they didn't know about it.​
Quite funny: now they added a description of similar feature in the new model (P6FL): "Long press: Reset Wi-Fi". Aliexpress P6FL
2) the DVR generate some kind of interference that make the RDC of my BMW GS (the reading of the pressure sensor of the tyres), unusable. At the beginning seemed to be related to the wifi, but then, even whitching wifi off, often it freezes the reading.​
3) the fps are not really 30, but 25: checking with care frame by frame it results that in one second of the recording there are 30 frames, but 1 frame every 5 is simply duplicated​
4) when i transfer the .mov with wifi, the connection seems to be quite slow (tried with two different smartphone): it takes 2min to transfer a video of 3min (about 300MB); that's about less than 3MB/s. Vsys confimed this is the expected speed.​
5) the file dimensions of the rear cam and the front cam is the same, even if the rear is 720p and the front is 1080p; clearly there isn't a efficent compression algorithm​
6) the G-sensor is useless: or is too sensitive or not sensitive at all​
7) GPS: you can see the path only using their program on PC to play the video that also display the path at the same time (the GPS data are encoded in not standard way in the .mov) on a google map windows: the GPS is not very accurate.​
8) sometimes my DVR doesn't switch on. It happens about one time on five. When i set my bike to "ON", the M6 switch on correctly (i see the led get red and i hear the "bip" of the dvr). But when i start the engine, sometimes it switch off. In this case, to switch it on again, i have to disconnect and reconnect the power cable to DVR. I fixed this by my owm with "custom electronic solution". If someone is interested i can give some detail.​
9) The main problem, actually a real defect: the rear cam video is "flickery" ; i captured same frames and it results that there are many with same kind of "bad exposure", some dark and other clearer, creating this annoyng effect (image attached)​
I wrote many mails to customer support about this problems, particularly for the last one (they asked me for many details: first firmware version, then sample of the videos of the rear cam, then the fron cam, then orderId, etc.), and meanwhile i bought also the second kit M1L. In order to understand the problem with the rear cam of the M6, i used the rear M1L cam and i connected it the the M6; the result is that with this one the video recorded seems to be ok.
So was clearly a defective rear cam.
They stop answering me for long time.
Recently i bought a third kit for a friend of mine (P6FL, not yet arrived), and i asked them for updated about my rear cam and they came out with this: "enev if it is in warranty , we just accept repair not replace hope you can understand".
If they had told me from the beginning, i'd avoid to waste time writing mails :)

I think that's all.
This doesn't want to be a review (if someone is interested, can check this one: youtube ), but just the experience of one has used the product for a whole year, highlighting something he'd have liked to know before buying it.


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Feb 7, 2018
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Dash Cam
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Interesting, thanks for the review. It's disappointing how many of these vendors don't seem to get that reliability of the unit is paramount over any number of additional "features". If the unit doesn't record it's of no value.


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Oct 11, 2013
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Yes, start when needed - record nice video and then stop when needed, really thats all we need and don't let anyone tell you different.