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Feb 3, 2017
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United States
Dash Cam
Thinkware F50, Thinkware F200, Thinkware FA200.
I am currently testing Thinkware F50 dash cameras as rear side view cameras on my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SUV.

I have a Thinkware F200 2CH dash camera in the front, but unfortunately, I don't think the cable is long enough to connect the 2nd channel rear camera. Another problem is that it has the rear window that folds open. I might have this one hardwired to the fusebox as I currently have it connected to the 12v power outlet in the center console.

The Thinkware F50 dash cameras are connected to the rear 12v power outlet with a splitter. I don't like that this one has power all the time as there is risk of draining the battery, overheating the dash cameras, and even wearing out the Micro SD cards. I'm thinking of running the power cables on a cable loom under the seats and plugging in the splitter to the 12v outlet on the center console. I don't want to hardwire as I may upgrade the cameras one day. I also don't have a need for parking mode.

Most of the time I have the rear seats folded as no one really sits in them. I bought the protection cases for the Thinkware F50 and covered the logo with a piece of black electrical tape. The factory tinted windows make the cameras difficult to see from the outside.

The Micro SD Cards I use are PNY Elite Class 10 & Samsung EVO (orange) Class 10. I try to stock up when ever I get a rewards coupon or when they are on special discount at Best Buy or Staples. The PNY cards aren't the fastest but they work pretty good.


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