What's out there with 2 Channels + HDR + Starvis 2 + some Cloud Capability?


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May 24, 2023
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Prosper, Texas
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It is my understanding that the new Thinkware U3000 lacks HDR. I think Blackvue's 970 will meet that criteria, but video quality seems lacking when compared to the Viofo A139 Pro. But is the A139 cloud capable? What else is there?
No the A 139 PRO are not a smart camera, so no fancy cloud stuff there.
Really when it come to the smart cameras, the market are little ATM, but it will grow as it is a feature often requested, so within the next year or so we will probably see several brands join that market segment.

Adding to that the "new" starvis 2 sensors, well the choice are even smaller.

If you are hell bend on those specs / criteria, i would get a cheap system to tie you over for a year until you have more shelves to shop on.

Personally i am not convinced about the advantage of the smart systems, i would rather prefer a remote system as that also give a range of other options i find important, like heat endurance in parking guard mode in the sun, CUZ you can make the hidden main unit big with a proper cooling solution,, and you could even add active cooling if need be.
The remote main unit will also then allow for even higher bitrates to be used as internal generated heat will be less of a problem, and you could fit better - bigger - faster - cheaper storage like say a 2TB M2 drive which you will need if your 4K camera crank out 1200 - 1500 MB every 3 minutes.

The hidden and i assume also could be secured in place main unit, well no one can just smash and grab that, but of course if you get car jacked, the guy could pull in in a quiet place and follow the camera wires to the main box.