Whats the worst thing you've witnessed that your dash cam didnt capture


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Oct 11, 2013
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Dash Cam
10 years, many dashcams
yes i have fixed glass on both front and rear doors, but front doors have the mirror right outside so it could potentially block things from view.
The rear doors the fixed glass are on the very back of the door, so i have contemplated maybe aiming the camera slightly forward, or retrofit a wider angle lens, BUT ! either of those ideas i have not moved on it 2 years.

The glass of course open with the door but not the square door window, the fixed glass are sort of just the leftovers in the door shape left over from the glass that can go up and down.
I have before mounted side cameras off the headliner and the back side of the B pillar, butn not ideal in regard to curtain airbags, but i care little for the people on my back seat, and it is also at least 1 year in between anyone are back there.