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Aug 9, 2015
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Hi all!

I have a Xiaomi Yi camera with waterproof casing, and I'd like to connect it to external power, powerbank or such.

But I can't find soft Micro USB cables anywhere... Does anyone knows where to buy them?

On one side Micro USB male and on other normal USB 2.0 also male. As I want to have Xiaomi Yi connected to powerbank via USB, while having a waterproof case on Xiaomi Yi, so cable needs to be really soft and tiny, something like ribbon cable, as cable needs to get in the case, connected to micro USB port, and going out of the case, even when the case is closed.

This should be possible, as there is enough space for ribbon cable, but I'm failing to find any micro USB ribbon cables produced... :/

Some time ago I've found this video showing how to DIY a ribbon mini USB cable. To me it seems that it shouldn't be any different from DIYing a micro USB ribbon cable... Or?

Case wouldn't go underwater, it only needs to protect the camera from rain, dust and accidental drops, there's no worry about that.

And no, my idea isn't to make a cut through the casing, just close the doors of the case on top of the ribbon cable, which I tried without the camera in the case with some slim usb cable that I got with it, and that worked fine, and the cable is thicker then ribbon cable... so...

Thank you!