Winter Battery Issues


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Jun 29, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta
Dash Cam
Mini 0805, Mobius
I am having winter battery issues. I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada and it does get pretty cold here ( even though it has been a rather mild winter this year). The average temp has been around -11 C this year. My issue is that my battery doesn't seem to charge anymore and I have to manually start the camera recording after I turn my vehicle on. Many times (not every time) when I turn the vehicle off it does not go through the shut down sequence it completely loses power. I was wondering if anyone has successfully retrofitted an 0805 with a capacitor mod? I have a Mobius with a Super Capacitor in my other vehicle and it works perfectly every time and seems unaffected by the cold. I like the Mini 0805 a lot but reliability counts for a lot. Any suggestions? I could just replace the battery but I wanted to see what other options others have explored.