Worst Camera - Loop Recording does not work


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Jan 13, 2018
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This is the worst camera I have seen where settings does not work as stated. I took this camera specially for loop recording. The meaning of LOOP is different for Yi Technology. For a 5 min loop recording, each file is of only 1 min and it records 5 files. How is this a 5 min loop recording? Then if I select 20 min loop recording, each file is 5 min and records only 4 files max? Is this how loop works Yi technology? If I select Max min, then it records 5 min file till SD Card gets full, but then it does not delete the first file, Gets an error saying No Storage space, where is loop here?

I would recommend not to buy Yi action camera, their quality of video is very bad. A $150 mobile phone can record better than these camera.