Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Wifi problem


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May 16, 2015
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Hi everybody!

I have unbricked my camera with 3 red lights.
It worked fine when I unbricked with 1.2.6 version and then I updated my camera to 1.2.12 version. Now I can't connect my camera to the app.
I have tried with 1.12.3 app and more versions but it can't to connect.

Wifi seems work fine but when I open the app it close inmediatelly or sometimes I can use the app for some seconds.

Any way to reset bus wifi or something like that?

I have reseted factory settings of the camera and push on/off button with wifi button but it doesn't work.

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Latest fw version is 1.2.13. After cam is on with unblinking blue ring light, push and hold WiFi button on the side, and you don't have a solid blue LED which then begins to flash?

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After purchase of the xiaoyi cam I had to rely on elProducente on YouTube to learn all of the nuances of this camera. The manual was in Chinese! The new international version solves the language problem, but if you also bought the aluminum skeleton frame you find it won't work with the international version because the cam doesn't have the little dimple to secure the cam in the frame! Why would they leave this critical feature out? It's like Gopro changing battery types!