Xiaomi Yi Custom firmware with lastest revision

My 22L and 23L will record a few seconds of video (5-10 ), and then normal 3.66 gig at 45Mbps, or make files at 27or 28 Mbps using the autoexec.ash on this page
It is an Amplin 64gig 100/90 from Amazon! I'll put that card in my Yi 4k+ at 135 Mbps, and it records at 4 gigs flawlessly!
I think some cams are just temperamental!
I'm using the Widodo modded 35 Mbps high fw with the autoexec.ash script for 45 Mbps.
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I don't think the card is slow, I bought it 6 months ago from MediaMarkt in Turkey.. it says Sandisk ULTRA 64 GB SD-XC1.. unfortunately I don't have a USB 3.0 card reader to test out the best speeds...

What I've noticed is that the camera gets extremely hot with this higher profiles.. could it be the reason?
Recording while charging definitely generates more heat! I decided it wasn't overheating causing my erratic bitrate, but the card! Extreme sandisk U3 cards can't hurt.
I got myself a new samsung evo plus U3 card which is able to write up to 90 mb/s but when I still have the same problem with split files and then much worse bitrate on the split files after the first one.. I tried 50 mbps as example here with the YIMAX-Tune script provided here.. when I try to record at 45 MBPs I don't have splits but it records at 41 MBPs only
The bloody thing flickered when I was filming UAV.
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Mighty777 said:
I have not experienced the problem you mention. Which version do you have? I have the 23L, and it works well. If you have that version too (and a fast U3 card), try my firmware (or download the original v1.5.6 from the Yi website).
Ok solved it. It´s not the sensor it was a setting, I guess that was the problem with the Superview... I got the Z26L with 1.5.6. and custom Autoexc and it works just fine... (and the old 21L with Ximode2.1)... Thx for the reply...

So can you not use any of these custom builds with Z26L? or if you downgrade to FW 1.5.6 can you?
Hi there, got now my 3rd Yi, 25L with FW 1.5.12.

Is there an custom FW to fix the Bitrate to anything like 45 MBPs? (and do I need that really to increase the quality without sacreficing to much battery life?) ;)

Try a site called nutseynuts.com for hacks , also goprawn.com, by the same moderator

Can someone say if is possible change HDMI output on Xiaomi Yi from interlaced to progressive? By default the output is interlaced!