YI action cam auto power on? Hardware mod?


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Mar 27, 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi, I'm after an auto power on (switch on) when power applied. or auto switch on and auto start recording.
I have seen and got the script for auto recording, but from what I gather it still needs to be switched on manually?

There was also comments about the auto switch on as a hardware mod? But done a search here and google, but can not seem to find any details on this?
Any one know how I can auto switch it on? and pres auto start recording?

I used the camera on my race car, and where it is mounted, I can not reach to switch it on, whist belted in.
so really want to power it on, when I need it to record, ie at start of a race, but by then I'm usually belted in the car for approx 15 mins.
I have the blue tooth remotes set up, so at mo, just switch the on before getting in and press the blue tooth remote.
But an auto power on / auto start would be good.

I use the action cam rather than a dash cam, as my car is open and I need the water proof housing..

And info will be much appricated.