Yi Discovery rtsp


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May 22, 2019
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Kacanik, Kosovo
hello, i am working on behalf of support for Yi Discovery, through C&C.

I have gone through so much trying to figure this out anyway possible,
my focus is on the PC environment and multi-camera set up,
if i can get past to "cannot connect to the address specified" then i'll figure out the rest
I've tried changing machines, operating systems (Win 10, Ubuntu 16 and even a Mac OSX 10.5 just for the sake of it)
The problem persisting is that the whole 6 of Yi Discovery's ( model:YDXJ2_V11YB ver: J22_1.3.33)
and 2 of Yi 4K (ver:1.3.0) cant connect to the CC.exe and get me a RTSP feed,
i tried rtsp:// with and without different ports to no avail on Yi Discovery's,
Yi4K has been a success on getting rtsp but no C&C support either.

I have 6 separate wireless lan cards on pc, and cant make the autoexec script work on changing IP's either so i am super stuck with a bunch of Yi's and we're drinking our sorrows away!

I can send a token on telnet on each camera, it responds but, that's it, no feed, no C&C, no hope.exe.
if i only could get past to C&C working then i'll be able to recover quickly and get it up to date with the today's support of Yi Cameras
since ive gone through every corner of this forum to find a glimpse.