Yi M1 camera hack

Samuel Cabral

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Aug 10, 2017
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Guys... i know it's a bit off topic for you but i just need some advice to point me to the right direction.

I just bought a Yi M1 (mirrorless m4/3 camera) but unfortunately its video mode is just too limited by the company.
It has a very low bitrate, 30 min rec limit, no 24fps in 4k and 2k modes, a lot of noise in the shadows and just now on the v3.0 of the firmware we have full manual control in video mode.

I know nothing about coding but i am looking for a way to write some simple scripts for the camera.
Where do i start?

If someone is willing to help me, here it is the v3.0 of the firmware:

https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/3.0-int preview version.zip?token=AWyhBcdICvJpTbtchwkLjs07g5xZJImokfXjDH6jsenM-jEqon0AEWPEWLNJWirYpLRf5Ng06ujUlQPZE7s0ONU0dffpiZU1AsyBuGZ1HgU-zBnmq5ADs5-dpXydEFdEYUvPYspHCFo65Da9pYUvNkkBk1MrG_41BdZEsZmD8jPX9GQ80IvsWfWhjQFqlUwEjzrvCSmh0-dGobmg0hHWLTN3