Yi Smart Dash Camera 2.7K King Edition

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    Yi has finally launched a V2 follow up to their popular dashcam. This is the highest resolution dashcam available from a well-known manufacturer.


    This new "2.7K King" version doubles the recording pixels to 2.7K (2688×1520 30FPS) and uses H.265 (HEVC) encoding for 30% better compression.

    Yi estimates each minute of H.265 recording at 2.7K (30FPS) should consume about 120MB. This is less than the 130MB required if using H.264 for 1080P30.

    Processor: A17@1.25GHz + A7 @ 800MHz, dual-core configuration
    Co-processor: built-in ARM NEON acceleration, integrated high-speed FPU processing unit
    Encoding Technology: H.265 real-time multi-stream coding capability
    Process technology: 28nm process
    Operating memory: 128M x16bit (2Gbits) x 2 (Note: the software will take up some space)
    Aperture: F1.9
    Sensor: 4 MP high sensitivity image sensor
    Optical lens composition: 6G all-glass
    Viewing angle: FOV (D): 140.6°
    Battery: built-in high temperature resistant polymer lithium battery, capacity 400mAh
    Power cord length: 3.5 meters
    Network: Wi-Fi 802.11n
    Mount: Bracket with 3M adhesive

    Supported Resolutions
    • 2.7K (2688 × 1520) 30 FPS
    • 2K (2560 x 1440) 30 FPS
    • FHD (1920 x 1080) 30 or 60 FPS
    • HD (1280 x 720) 30 FPS

    Availability and Price
    Available July 7 in China. Initial promo price is 379 RMB. Afterwards, the MSRP is 399 RMB.
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