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hello, I was sent here to ask for a better price then they have at Amazon for the SG9663DCPRO, I am planing a road trip to Boston! What is the best price I can get on the SG9663DCPRO, being the DR 9663DCPRO is coming out soon!
Can you please send over pricing on the SG9663DCPRO and the SGDCHW hardwire kit? Probably only need a 128gb memory card. Thanks!
Thanks for your feedback. As an IT guy, can I suggest that you use a CODEC pack (like K-Lite Codec Pack - FULL) to help with your video tasks. That may help you. These save a lot of CPU usage on my PC when playing full 1080P Movies, while doing other things in the background...
Hi Joovuu,

Is it possible to have a discussion with you regarding the dash cam market place in the United States? Please feel free to contact me at!
jokiin, I have my SG9663DC installed and working fine. The issue I have is that I will be parking the vehicle in a Public Lot for over a week as we travel. I would like to remove the Dashcam when I am away from the vehicle that long, but cannot remember if I "Push up" on the Dashcam to remove it from the mounting bracket or do I slide it to the side to remove it?
I cannot find pictures of the rear of the product.
Regarding my problem with SG9665GC V2 reboot issue (posted 11/11/17) is there any software or firmware that would reset camera back to factory specs or is it a hardware issue?-------Thanks