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RIP Rick. 8 years ago I started a voyage on a dash cam hobby and youtube channel that is still going, and Rick was a big help in those early days while also helping lots of people here regardless of what dash cam they were using.
I wish I'd taken the time to talk more with Rick, it feels like I've lost a friend. Condolences to the family and best wishes for continued success to Street Guardian.
Thanks. Lisa
Maybe Lisa or someone from the company can keep the logon name going?
Would be good to see "jokiin" about still, even if posting isn't quite so frequent...

He was always generous with the number of posts, although not always with the number of sentences within them!
He also took advice as well as giving it, something that is a little too rare.

I currently have four SG9665GCs in my VW Golf vehicles and I would like to upgrade my '16 VW Golf Sportwagen to the dual channel SG9663DCPRO+. Is it possible to use the GPS unit and power cord from my existing SG9665GC or does the SG9663DCPRO+ have different wiring requirements?

Are there any current promotions or discount codes available?
Can your techs recommend a switched fuse for a 2018 Santa Fe Ultimate? I've currently have it hooked into the fuse for the window washer which is switched. However, when I park the car in my driveway, I manually turn it off as I don't need the parking monitoring. When I turn the car on, the unit (SG9663DCPRO) doesn't turn on automatically. I have to press and hold the power switch to get it to operate.
Hi rjk

Do you happen to have the firmware update you installed anywhere? I could use a copy to go backwards since this 2020 version is not working.

Thanks for any help!

I might be able to help you resolve your problems with the K2S, send me a private message and let me know what the problems are and what you have tried so far.

Any Plans on Releasing a new product this year ??

I am debating on Going with either your SG9663DCPRO 2020 Dual or the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual.

Do you all plan on releasing anything 4k soon ?

Both are very similar in price, but on is 4k video.
we have multiple new products coming out this year, they've been delayed due to the current Coronavirus situation though unfortunately

4k model is in development, the hardware is newer than what's currently in the market, the current 4k solution all have heat issues
Can you advise me as to why my Lukas avia AR790-s terminates itself when the ignition is switched off ?????
Hey there. I didn't realize you were associated with Street Guardian. Just curious, but the wedge shape of SG sure looks a lot like the Viofo line of dash cams. Is there some relationship there or is that just coincidental?
Just wanted to thank you for starting and running this website.
It has been very helpful to me in making my final decision on my second Dash Cam.
Stay warm up there in Canada. I think you are in BC or ?

John I (AKA Iggy)
Surprise AZ
Hey, I'm sorry for bothering you, but you were right about my problem of the camera stops recording and the rear cam stuttering.
I disconnected the rear cam and the problems went away..
How do I figure out its if the rear cam cable or maybe the battery that is causing the problem(its kinda new but I think it might be damaged as it has a weird curve at the side of it due to heat cause I removed the battery heat cover)
A professional installed the camera for me so I was abit skeptical about the cable being damaged.

Would like to hear your thoughts about it, thanks.
Is there a Coupon codes available on the 9665DC? Or a newer model on the horizon?
Street Guardian USA
Street Guardian USA
Check out the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale prices today at https://StreetGuardian.CAM
You'll see a popup with a coupon for additional sales on to of the 4-day sale.
Private message me for a special direct buy coupon if you don't buy until after the current sale.
The Black Friday Cyber Monday is a better deal though so best to buy today.
hello, I was sent here to ask for a better price then they have at Amazon for the SG9663DCPRO, I am planing a road trip to Boston! What is the best price I can get on the SG9663DCPRO, being the DR 9663DCPRO is coming out soon!
Can you please send over pricing on the SG9663DCPRO and the SGDCHW hardwire kit? Probably only need a 128gb memory card. Thanks!
Thanks for your feedback. As an IT guy, can I suggest that you use a CODEC pack (like K-Lite Codec Pack - FULL) to help with your video tasks. That may help you. These save a lot of CPU usage on my PC when playing full 1080P Movies, while doing other things in the background...
Hi Joovuu,

Is it possible to have a discussion with you regarding the dash cam market place in the United States? Please feel free to contact me at!