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jokiin, I have my SG9663DC installed and working fine. The issue I have is that I will be parking the vehicle in a Public Lot for over a week as we travel. I would like to remove the Dashcam when I am away from the vehicle that long, but cannot remember if I "Push up" on the Dashcam to remove it from the mounting bracket or do I slide it to the side to remove it?
I cannot find pictures of the rear of the product.
Regarding my problem with SG9665GC V2 reboot issue (posted 11/11/17) is there any software or firmware that would reset camera back to factory specs or is it a hardware issue?-------Thanks
Updated version of Mini 0906 includes GPS mount CPL Filter Remote Controller but no Hardwire kit (will sell as an option) is coming soon!
Hello, does the Vico-Power Plus work with the SG cams? Tia! :-)
Street Guardian USA
Street Guardian USA
Yes Vico-Power PLUS hard wire kits can power any dashcam out there actually. I wouldn't let your dashcam record 24/7 thought it's too punishing on the hardware, car battery, and memory card. Flip the Vico switch to record as needed and or use the timer function.
Oh good idea! Now I just need to figure out which camera to get from you all. Thank you!