Samoon 3H2F Ambarella A7LA

In late 2012, the GoPro Hero 3 Black was released with an Ambarella A7 processor.  With that release we expected many Chinese dashboard cameras to start coming out with the A7 processor.  Nearly a year later, the Ambarella A7 dashboard cameras are arriving.

The Chinese manufacturer Samoon (maker of the “GS1000 Orange Menu”) is one of the first out of the gate with their 3H2F-D dashboard camera.  This camera is typically sold under that name or the “GS6000 A7” name and comes with the Ambarella A7LA50D chipset.  Initial reports from Russia have been positive at a $150 price.  As we get more information on this camera, we will update our FAQ here.

Car DVR Recorder 3H2F GS6000_LRG