Urive Albatross II MD-7500P FAQ

We are often asked the question what is the best dual dashboard camera.  Unfortunately there is no camera that performs great in this segment.  We have just completed an FAQ for the Urive Albatross II MD-7500 dual camera.

This Korean camera is one of the better dual cameras on the market but there are some drawbacks.  It is not the smallest camera due to its 3.5″ touch screen (but it can still be hidden behind a mirror), the bitrate of 8Mbps front and 4Mbps back results in pixelation (i.e. when recording trees) and the $330+ price tag is steep.

Thanks to our member niko for providing much of the information for this review.  His main review thread can be found in the forum.

Urive Albatross II MD-7500P