Crosstour CR250

Crosstour CR250

The Crosstour CR250 is a single channel dash cam released in Mar 2019 by the Chinese manufacturer Crosstour. This dash cam is popular on Amazon and has many positive reviews. Unfortunately Crosstour does not provide the processor and CMOS sensor specs of the CR250. Usually at this price range, entry level hardware is used which means video quality is not the most impressive.

Video Quality

The Crosstour CR250 records 1080p video at 30fps with an average bitrate of 16 Mbps. Video quality during the day is average and is a bit blurry. During the night, video quality is below average like most cameras in this price range.


The camera has a 1.5″ screen, g-sensor but does not come with GPS or WiFi. The CR250 provides non-buffered parking mode if you hardwire the dash cam to your vehicle (optional hardwire kit required).

Like most wedge shaped cameras, the CR250 comes with an adhesive mount which cannot swivel to record interactions at the driver or passenger windows. The CR250 is a small camera at 77 x 49 x 30mm and can be discreetly mounted in most vehicles.

From a build perspective, the camera is lightweight and has average build quality. At the $30 price range, average build quality is a positive since most cameras in this price range are very cheaply built and often damage in the heat. One other negative to be aware of is that the camera does not come with audio error notifications, only screen error notifications.


Crosstour appears to be responsive to questions but beyond that, the camera has limited support. We have not seen any firmware updates for this camera since it has launched.

Like other Crosstour products sold on Amazon, the manufacturer offers free gifts in exchange for reviews. This is not the most ethical practice since reviews obtained due to free gifts are not unbiased. We believe this has influenced the positive ratings on Amazon.

Crosstour CR250 Gift

Known Problems

Format Card Error

Many owners complain that the camera displays a format card error frequently. If you receive this error many times, we suggest trying a new microSD card. Otherwise, there is no known solution to the problem.

Poor quality adhesive tape

Numerous owners have complained of the poor quality adhesive tape used to mount the camera. There are many reports of cameras falling from the mounts as depicted in the following photo.

Crosstour CR250 Adhesive

Sample Videos

Should I Purchase

The Crosstour CR250 is one of the cheapest wedge shaped cameras available at only $30. While we like the wedge shaped camera design and the $30 price is very low, the video quality is disappointing. During the day, you may find it acceptable but at night quality is poor. Build quality is not the greatest and reliability appears to be average which is actually better than most cameras in this price range.

While the low price tag and wedge design may be attactive, unless your expectations for video quality are low, you will likely be disappointed with the CR250. We suspect the free gift in exchange for positive reviews has influenced the Amazon rating for this camera as well.


Published: October 20, 2020

Crosstour CR250 - DashCamTalk
Crosstour CR250

The Crosstour CR250 is a very low priced wedge shaped camera but video and build quality are disappointing.

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