Thinkware F770

Thinkware F770

The Thinkware F770 is a dual channel dash cam.  This Korean camera is one of the growing number of dual cameras that can record 1080p video for both front and rear cameras. While the F770 appears to be an updated version of the previous Thinkware F750 model, the internal hardware is likely very similar / identical.  Numerous owners have been able to flash the F770 firmware on the F750 cameras.  Note while this camera is typically sold as a dual camera, you can purchase the front camera only and the rear camera separately (model #BCFH-150).

Unlike most dual cameras with that record at low bitrates, the F770 records 10Mbps for the front camera and 8Mbps for the rear camera.  Resolution is 1080p at 30 frames per second for both cameras.  The camera is based on an Ambarella A7 processor and Sony CMOS sensor.   Video quality during the day is very good for both the front and rear cameras.  At night the front video is good but the rear video is average.  For a dual camera, the video quality is reasonable but not spectacular.

This dash cam comes with WiFi and supporting iOS and Android applications.  The F770 also has built in GPS, G-sensor and buffered parking mode.  Their are 2 options for the parking mode assuming you have hardwired your camera in your car:

  1. Motion detection – when motion is detected the F770 records 10 seconds before the event and 10 seconds after the event (file is saved in a separate folder)
  2. Time-lapse – the F770 records at 1 frame per second while in parking mode.  This continuously records while parked.

While the front camera is not the smallest at 110mm x 60mm x 32mm, the camera has a narrow form factor and no screen making it quite discreet when installed.  The F770 is  slimmer and more streamlined than the F750 model.  Also the windshield attachment is a thin piece of plastic which allows the camera to be mounted very close to the windshield.

Overall build quality of the F770 is excellent and reliability has been very good.  Thinkware is one of the largest sellers of dash cams in Korea and are known for making good quality cameras as well.

We would like to thank our member Sir Loin who did a detailed review of the F770 in our forum.

Known Problems


A handful of users of complained of a rattling sound coming from their F770.  This is due to the buttons of the camera being loose.  Not a common problem but can be corrected by Thinkware (replacing the buttons) or using some tape to prevent the rattling.

WiFi Connectivity

Some owners have indicated that WiFi between the camera and the Smartphone (iOS or Android) does not connect or disconnects quickly.

One potential fix:

  1. Press the WiFi button off / on one time on the camera
  2. Close the app on the phone (even if running in the background).  Restarting the app usually resolves the problem

Alternatively, uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone.  Also update to the latest firmware.

Mounting the Camera

Our member Sir Loin shared the following pictures of the F770 mounted in his car.

Thinkware F770 Mount
Thinkware F770 Mount
Thinkware F770 Mount
Thinkware F770 Mount
Thinkware F770 Mount
Thinkware F770 Mount
Thinkware F770 Mount

Sample Videos

Day Video – Front

Day Video – Rear

Night Video – Front

Night Video – Rear

Should I Purchase?

The Thinkware F770 is one of the better dual cameras available on the market however it has a steep price tag approaching $400.  The camera is more discreet than previous Thinkware cameras and it is fully loaded with features such as Wifi and buffered parking mode.  The camera also has excellent build quality and reliability has been very good.  Video quality is good but not spectacular.

If you are looking for a full-featured dual camera, the Thinkware F770 should be on your shortlist assuming you are OK with the price tag and video quality.  You can read what other owners have to say about this camera in our Thinkware F770 forum.



Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Download the latest firmware from
  2. Select F series and F770 model.  The download links will say F770 on the bottom
  3. Download the firmware
  4. Unzip the downloaded file into the root directory of your MicroSD Card
  5. Insert the memory card into the dash cam and power it on
  6. Your dash cam LED lights should blink for a while, as the firmware upgrade may take up to 10 to 15 minutes.
  7. Once the dash cam is done upgrading it will tell you that “Upgrade is now complete, continuous recording will now start.” Do not power off your dash cam until it begins continuous recording as it may cause permanent damage to the dash cam.
  • If firmware upgrade does not complete after 15 minutes or you get a downloading failed error, the firmware file is corrupt
  • In that’s the case, delete the downloaded .bin, .rom or .pkg file and re-download the firmware file into MicroSD Card
  • Proceed to the upgrade from 4th step again

Latest Firmware

The latest firmware can be downloaded from the Thinkware site.

User Manual

You can download the English User Manual from here.


Detailed Specifications

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Camera Type Dual Channel
Form Factor Wedge
Country China
Processor Ambarella A7
CMOS Front Sony Exmor
CMOS Rear Unknown
Channels 2
Screen No
G-Sensor Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Parking Mode Buffered
Lock Files Auto or Button
Max Resolution Front 1920×1080p
Front Frames Per Second 30
Max Bitrate Front (Mbps) 10
Max Resolution Rear 1920×1080p
Rear Frames Per Second 30
Max Bitrate Rear (Mbps) 8
Video Format MP4
Compression H.264
Diagonal Viewing Angle Front 140°
Diagonal Viewing Angle Rear 144°
SD Card Type MicroSD
Max Size (Spec) 64GB
Max Size (User) 64GB
Size Front (mm) 110 x 60 x 32
Size Rear (mm) 56 x 23 x 28
Mount Adhesive
Power Supply 12V
Operating Temp -10°C to 60°C
Battery Capacitor
Error Notification Audio
Swivel (To Record Side Windows) No
Apps PC, OSX, Android, iOS
Cloud Connectivity No
Release Date Jun 2016
Unique Features Lane Departure Warning System
Front Collision Warning System
Advantages WiFi
Buffered parking mode
Decent video quality for dual camera
Good build quality
Disadvantages High price tag
Final Word A feature packed dual camera with 1080p 30fps front and rear. High price but one of the best dual cameras available now.

Published: January 2, 2017

Thinkware F770 - DashCamTalk
Thinkware F770

The Thinkware F770 is an excellent dual camera with1080p 30fps front and rear. High price and not the best video quality.

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