3H2F-D / GS6000

3H2F-D / GS6000

The Samoon 3H2F dashboard camera, also referred to as the GS6000 A7 is an Ambarella A7 dash cam introduced in fall 2013.

Many of the previous popular dashboard cameras such as the GS1000, F500LHD, F900LHD and the Mini-0801 have used the Ambarella A2 chipset.  While the A2 has proven to be a great processor, it was released in 2007 and low light performance is limited.

Hence the excitement of Ambarella A7 processor based cameras finally coming to market. The camera records at 2304 x 1296p 30fps which is a unique resolution (it is not 4K resolution).  It also records at the more traditional 1920 x 1080p 30fps.

Initial videos from this camera have been impressive in the day and average at night.  Some of the night videos appear quite dark which is disappointing.  Bitrate is a very high 18Mbps as well.  The camera comes with GPS (built into the mount) and G-sensor.

The 3H2F-D has a 2.7″ LCD screen and while not the smallest camera at 112 x 45 x 25.5mm it can be hidden behind a rear view mirror. We have not been able to confirm the processor or CMOS sensor, but initial reports are that the 3H2F-D is using the Ambarella A7LA50D chipset and the Aptina 0330 CMOS sensor.

Ambarella A7LA50D

This camera is becoming very popular in Russia given the high specs and reasonable price.

Other Models

This camera is most typically called the Samoon 3H2F-D, 3H2F or GS6000 Ambarella A7.  Also note that Samoon has released 2 other Ambarella A7 models at the same time which appear to be nearly identical with the exception of the external casing / form factor.

The Samoon A88F is a diamond shaped model which sells in Russia as the Texet DVR-670. And the Samoon A95A (note this is listed as a dual 1080p camera, we have not seen it for sale yet) which sells in Russia as the Тест StreetStorm CVR-A7510 (single cam not dual). Some people have flashed the 3H2F-D with the Streetstorm CVR-A7510 firmware.

Known problems

Since this is a relatively new camera, there have not been many reliability problems noted yet.

Stops Recording

One Russian owner has indicated that the camera arbitrarily stops recording (every 1-2 hours).  This is possibly due to the slow class 4 card they were using.

Disassembling the dash cam

Samoon 3H2F-D Disassembled 1
Samoon 3H2F-D Disassembled 2
Samoon 3H2F-D Disassembled 3
Samoon 3H2F-D Disassembled 4
Samoon 3H2F-D Disassembled 5

From e-prance:

Sample Videos



Here is a raw video at night with this camera.  Unfortunately the quality is average at best.

Should I Purchase?

This camera is the first popular Ambarella A7L dashboard camera.  Price is reasonable and video quality during the day is good.  The deal breaker is the disappointing night video, which could be due to rushing this camera out.  Reliability is unknown but initial owners are quite pleased.

If you are looking for a “tried and true” camera, hold off on buying this.  Perhaps future firmware upgrades will improve night performance but until then, this is a risky purchase.


Current firmware being sold is SM3H2FDGC.130828.V1 (firmware file provided by Foxoffer). Note that some Russians have tried using the Streetstorm SSA7510.131001.V5 firmware on this camera which partially bricked the camera.

User Manual

The Russian GS6000 user manual can be downloaded here.


Detailed Specifications

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Camera Type Single Channel
Form Factor Hanging - Rectangular
Country China
Processor Ambarella A7LA50D
CMOS Front Aptina AR0330
Channels 1
Screen 2.7"
G-Sensor Yes
Wi-Fi No
Parking Mode No
Lock Files Auto
Max Resolution Front 2304×1296p
Front Frames Per Second 30
Max Bitrate Front (Mbps) 18
Max Resolution Rear N/A
Rear Frames Per Second N/A
Max Bitrate Rear (Mbps) N/A
Video Format MOV
Compression H.264
Diagonal Viewing Angle Front 120°
Diagonal Viewing Angle Rear N/A
SD Card Type MicroSD
Max Size (Spec) 32GB
Max Size (User) 64GB
Size Front (mm) 112 x 45 x 26
Size Rear (mm) N/A
Mount Suction
Power Supply 12V
Operating Temp Unknown
Battery 320mAh
Error Notification No
Swivel (To Record Side Windows) Yes
Apps PC
Cloud Connectivity No
Release Date Nov 2013
Unique Features None
Advantages Reasonable price
Day video good
Disadvantages Night video poor
Could be smaller
Very limited support
Final Word One of the first Ambarella A7 cameras. Night video is biggest drawback.

Published: November 13, 2013

Updated: November 19, 2013

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Samoon 3H2F D

The Samoon 3H2F-D is one of the first Ambarella A7 cameras. Night video is biggest drawback.

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