BlackVue DR550GW-2CH FAQ Added

The BlackVue DR550GW-2CH is the first dual channel camera released by the Korean manufacturer Pittasoft.  This camera is closely related to the 1 channel DR500GW-HD with the following differences:

  • Addition of a rear camera, 720p 30fps with a 2Mbps bit rate
  • Front camera has a reduced bit rate, 6Mbps
  • Viewing angle of front camera reduced from 156° to 137° due to owner complaints on capturing details

While this camera is feature loaded with GPS, parking mode and WiFi, the low bit rate causes pixelation when recording scenes with a lot of movement (i.e. trees).  Price is quite high at $370+ especially given the pixelation problem.  For more information check out the BlackVue DR550GW-2CH FAQ.  To discuss this camera with other owners, please visit our Pittasoft Blackvue forum.

Blackvue DR550GW-2CH

Mini 0801 FAQ Added

The Mini 0801 dash cam was released early in 2013 and is one of the smallest 1080p cameras with an LCD screen, GPS and G-sensor.  It is based on the Ambarella A2S60 processor and the Omnivision OV2710 CMOS sensor.  Price is reasonable at around $100 but the main drawback is average video quality at night.  This combination of features in such a small package make it a decent camera for the price.  For more information check out the Mini 0801 FAQ.  There is also a lot of feedback from owners on this camera in this forum topic.

Mini 0801

Mobius FAQ Completed

The Mobius dash cam was recently released by the makers of the popular 808 #16 key cam.  This camera’s excellent video quality and $85 price point has made it an extremely popular camera.  Some users have complained of the narrow field of view (87 degrees) and that it runs hot.  However no other dash cam has similar video quality in such a small, discreet package for such a low price.  A definite best buy in the making.  For more information check out the Mobius FAQ and the Forum.

Mobius Dash Cam

LS300W and GT300W FAQ Completed

We have just completed an FAQ for the DOD LS300W / TioTech GT300W. This camera is discreet and has very good video quality.  It uses Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) which improves night recording.  While the branded, DOD models sell for over $200, “neutral” models sell for significantly less.  Overall this camera appears to be very good value for the money assuming reliability is maintained.  For more information check out the FAQ and the DOD / TioTech Forum.


VicoVation Vico-TF2+ Premium FAQ Added

We have just completed an FAQ for the Vico-TF2+ Premium manufactured by the Taiwanese company VicoVation.  One of the unique features of this camera is Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) coupled with Vico-Schedule.  WDR typically improves low light or night recording quality but day quality often suffers.  To minimize the effect on day quality, vico-schedule adjusts the WDR level and EV value settings for day and night depending on time.  The result is impressive video quality.  The biggest drawback is the camera’s size.  It is not discreet and quite noticeable from outside the vehicle.  If you don’t mind the size, this camera is currently one of the best for video quality.  For more information check out the FAQ and the VicoVation Forum.

VicoVation Vico-TF2+

Smart i 3500 HD FAQ Added

Large Touch Screen Dual Dash Cams have become very popular in 2013.  While we are not fond of these large cameras, there are people who do want a large screen for their dash cam.  We have just added a detailed FAQ for the Smarti 3500HD DVR.  This camera is marketed as 720p for the front and 480p for the rear.  Unfortunately the camera records at a disappointing 688p for the front camera.  It also has a number of other issues including gaps between video files and audio problems.  Not a camera we would recommend.  Thanks to our member Mtz for providing the information for this review.  His thread can be found in the forum.

Smart-i 3500HD

Lukas LK-7900 Ace FAQ Added

We have just completed an FAQ for the Lukas LK-7900 Ace manufactured by the Korean company Qrontech.  This camera was recently released and it has a great combination of features including:

  • SDXC support up to 128GB
  • Wide operating temperature range (-20°C to 80°C)
  • Threaded 37mm lens to attach various filters
  • Internal GPS and G-sensor

Video quality is quite good, especially with the latest firmware updates.  Note that some of the initial night videos did not have the greatest quality.  Another positive is that Qrontech has been active in releasing firmware updates to address issues brought up by users.  Most of the owners of this camera are quite pleased making this a decent option if you are looking for a premium camera.  For more information check out the FAQ and the Lukas Forum.

DR-32 FAQ Added

The DR32 dash cam, sometimes referred to as the 808 #18 DR32 DVR, was recently released.  This camera’s excellent video quality and $100 price point made it a very popular camera right away.  Unfortunately many early purchasers complained of excessive audio distortion.  The manufacturer quickly released a firmware update that improved audio quality dramatically (but it is not perfect).  However, some owners now complain that the camera randomly locks up or freezes after the firmware update.  This camera has a lot of potential given the video quality as long as you are aware of the issues before purchasing.  For more information check out the FAQ and the 808 Forum.


DVR-207 FAQ Added

The DVR-XX7 series of Chinese cameras are very popular (perhaps the most popular) low cost dash cams.  In early 2013, the DVR-207 was launched.  It has the same external case as the DVR-027 and utilizes the same Zoran Coach 12MDV ZR364249BGCG processor.  Owners have reported that this version eliminates any gaps between video clips.  There have been issues with the power connector interfering with the radio but the seller claims these have now been resolved.  For more information check out the FAQ and the DVR-XX7 Forum.

DVR-207 1

Recording Time Calculator Added

We have just launched a Recording Time Calculator that will help you figure out how many hours of video your SD card can hold.  You just need to know the SD card size (GB) and bit rate of the camera (typically between 5Mbps and 10Mbps).  You can test out the calculator here.


Dash Cam Recording Time Calculator