Dashboard Camera Comparison Tool

As the number of dashboard cameras increase, it is becoming difficult for the average buyer to sort through all the available options.  To help buyers out, we have just launched a Dashboard Camera Comparison Tool.  This lets you compare multiple dash cams head-to-head.

Compare the G1W vs the Mobius or the PanoramaII vs the Vico-TF2+ or any other combination of cameras you are interested in.  We have made every attempt to ensure the specifications are accurate but if you do notice a discrepancy, please let us know.

Dash Cam Comparison Tool

Shadow GT680W FAQ

We have just completed an FAQ for the Shadow Tec / Sheezeus GT680W.  This is another camera with the Novatek 96650 processor and the Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor.  It is a compact camera with GPS, similar in size to the Mini-0801.  The GT680W has better video quality than the Mini-0801 and initial reliability seems good (unlike the extensive firmware problems with the Mini-0801).  Our only concern is the small capacity battery in this camera which could lead to future problems.

Thanks to our member niko for creating the initial review on this camera.  His main review thread can be found in the forum.

Shadow GT680W

Innovv C1 FAQ

The Innovv C1 dashboard camera is one of the latest cameras from the manufacturer of the 808 #18, 808 #26 and the DR32 cameras.  This is a direct competitor to the Mobius and uses the same Novatek 96650 processor and Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor.  So how does it stack up?

The Innovv C1 has 2 advantages over the Mobius:

  1. G-sensor (could be useful for parking mode)
  2. The Mobius sometimes causes GPS interference, the Innovv C1 has an aluminum case which prevents this

The 2 main disadvantages are:

  1. The Innovv C1 uses an 8-pin proprietary USB cable which could be difficult to find if you are looking for a replacement cable or a longer cable
  2. Video quality is slightly worse than the Mobius possibly due to less mature firmware and / or lower quality lens

A decent camera for the money depending on your needs.  See the full FAQ here.

Innovv C1 Dash Camera

Vico-WF1 Dashboard Camera FAQ

Vicovation, a  Taiwanese company with a history of producing many high quality dashboard cameras, recently released the Vico-WF1.  This is their first WiFi enabled camera.  It has a unique and smaller form factor when compared to the other Vicovation cameras which is a positive.  Unfortunately there are a few drawbacks with the Vico-WF1:

  • WiFi cannot stream live video while recording, only can be used to transfer saved videos to a device or aim the camera
  • Night quality is not as good as the Vico-TF2+.  This is the most common complaint from owners
  • No GPS
  • High price tag of $270

If you can live with these drawbacks, this camera could be a consideration.  See the full FAQ here.

Vico WF1

Samoon 3H2F Ambarella A7LA

In late 2012, the GoPro Hero 3 Black was released with an Ambarella A7 processor.  With that release we expected many Chinese dashboard cameras to start coming out with the A7 processor.  Nearly a year later, the Ambarella A7 dashboard cameras are arriving.

The Chinese manufacturer Samoon (maker of the “GS1000 Orange Menu”) is one of the first out of the gate with their 3H2F-D dashboard camera.  This camera is typically sold under that name or the “GS6000 A7” name and comes with the Ambarella A7LA50D chipset.  Initial reports from Russia have been positive at a $150 price.  As we get more information on this camera, we will update our FAQ here.

Car DVR Recorder 3H2F GS6000_LRG

Urive Albatross II MD-7500P FAQ

We are often asked the question what is the best dual dashboard camera.  Unfortunately there is no camera that performs great in this segment.  We have just completed an FAQ for the Urive Albatross II MD-7500 dual camera.

This Korean camera is one of the better dual cameras on the market but there are some drawbacks.  It is not the smallest camera due to its 3.5″ touch screen (but it can still be hidden behind a mirror), the bitrate of 8Mbps front and 4Mbps back results in pixelation (i.e. when recording trees) and the $330+ price tag is steep.

Thanks to our member niko for providing much of the information for this review.  His main review thread can be found in the forum.

Urive Albatross II MD-7500P

Hyundai MnSoft R700 FAQ

We have recently completed a dashboard camera FAQ for the Hyundai MnSoft R700.  We would like to thank our member Mtz who provided the initial review in our forum.  Overall it is an all around decent camera but it is not spectacular for the $200+ price tag given the lack of GPS.  However it is one of the few “brand name” dashboard cameras currently available.

We are often asked the question, why are there no large manufacturers for dash cams.  Where is Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc?  Perhaps the dashboard camera market is too small.  However, some large companies are taking notice.  Hyundai is a big name and there are a few other large brands available today.   The Garmin GDR35, Panasonic CY-DVRP100T and the HP F210 could be considered “big name” dashboard cameras.  While none of these cameras are spectacular, they are a good start.  As dashboard cameras gain popularity, we will likely see more major players get involved.

Hyundai MnSoft R700

Powerucc Panorama2 FAQ Added

We have just completed our FAQ for the Powerucc PanoramaII.  This camera has made it to our “Best Bang for your Buck” list due to the following:

  • Great video quality.  Some of the best night time footage due to the Sony Exmor CMOS sensor
  • Small size, G-sensor, parking mode and optional GPS
  • Manufacturer is proactive and updates firmware
  • Reasonable price tag of $185

For under $200, there are not many cameras that perform as well as the Panorama II.  Thanks to our member Niko for providing much of the information for this review.  The main thread can be found in the forum.

Powerucc PanoramaII

G1W and 808 #26 Added

G1W Dash Cam

We have added 2 more FAQs in the last couple of days.  The G1W is likely the lowest priced dash cam based on the Novatek NT96650 processor and the Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor.  At $60, you will likely not find a camera with better picture quality.  If you can live with the quirks described in the G1W FAQ, this camera is a best buy for a low priced dash cam.  The video quality is significantly better than our previous best buy in this segment, the DVR-007.  It also has a better form factor.  Initial user reports have been positive but longer term reliability is unknown.

808 #26 camera

The 808 #26 made by Hetai is the other dash cam we have created an FAQ for.  Our member Mtz provided a review in our forum which we have used to develop the FAQ.  While this camera is very small, the high price, special USB cable requirements and high heat generated make this an unattractive camera especially when compared to the Mobius.