1. M

    Dashcam $100

    Hello. Unfortunately, my car camera has broken (G1WH). I need to buy something new. Maybe you recommend something in the price of $ 100- $ 120? (I prefer aliexpress, gearbest, banggood). My father has Dome D201 and records well, but it scares me that it is so hot and the mounting is very...
  2. a6l3i

    $100 cam with G-sensor/screen/legible License plate . .??

    Hi all It’s my first post in DCT :) I live in New York and wanna buy my first dash-cam. I’ve red most of related topics and reviews. Mandatory options are: - $100 (+/-) - G-sensor - Screen (to set the camera angel in the car) - Legible license plate Good to have options (but not in expense...