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Hey there. I didn't realize you were associated with Street Guardian. Just curious, but the wedge shape of SG sure looks a lot like the Viofo line of dash cams. Is there some relationship there or is that just coincidental?
Just wanted to thank you for starting and running this website.
It has been very helpful to me in making my final decision on my second Dash Cam.
Stay warm up there in Canada. I think you are in BC or ?

John I (AKA Iggy)
Surprise AZ
Hey, I'm sorry for bothering you, but you were right about my problem of the camera stops recording and the rear cam stuttering.
I disconnected the rear cam and the problems went away..
How do I figure out its if the rear cam cable or maybe the battery that is causing the problem(its kinda new but I think it might be damaged as it has a weird curve at the side of it due to heat cause I removed the battery heat cover)
A professional installed the camera for me so I was abit skeptical about the cable being damaged.

Would like to hear your thoughts about it, thanks.