1296p super hd

  1. Rick Needham

    I need help identifying this 1296P GPS dash cam please

    Hi all. This is my first post on this forum. I need help in hopefully identifying this 1296P GPS dash cam. I bought it like four days ago from a seller on eBay and I am still awaiting for it to arrive. Hoping someone here recognizes these pics, and knows if I've bought a halfway decent dash cam...
  2. W

    2018 New, Ai880,Super Strong Night Vision with Wifi+Metal Alloy Shell Dash Cam

    Every Car Should Install a Good Cam If a picture is worth a thousand words, video of the unbelievably stupid things you see on the road is priceless. In the heat of the moment, even when you think you had a full view of the road, there are still times when we miss what really happened in an...
  3. Lovely-connie

    Mini 0806s W/ Super Capacitor, solve the problem of over heating

    New version Mini 0806s, upgrade from Mini 0806, same housing and different motherboard, main difference as followed: Remove a micro SD card Reduce RF interference Improve GPS moduel to increase GPS signal Add AV-Out Add Reset Button Using super capacitor, not built in battery, more safer in...