1. Majsco

    Dual Use Action & Dash Cam

    Hello all, I'm looking for a camera i can use as both a dash cam and an action cam. The idea is that i could use it daily in my car hardwired in but then when I arrive at my destination i could remove it from my car, change the SD Card and use it as an action cam preferably with a chest strap...
  2. logimen

    Z26L hardbricked

    Hi, I bought my Yi Action Z26L on gearbest. Tried to update firmware and I got 3 red leds. Next tried to flash ELF file, got done but my camera turned off and now he behave like on video. No beeping, just flashing power LED and three status leds. Connecting to PC with USB Cable windows...
  3. simba86

    Hello from ohio USA!

    hey everyone! I'm pretty new to the dashcam world and I installed one in my car because it always seems like I am always in a near miss with cars crossing center line on me and just crazy drivers in general. my current set up is a DBpower sj4000 action cam in a suction cup mount but I am...