1. C

    USA Aukey DR-01 1080p capacitor dashcams like new in box

    $45 +shipping OBO. Served me well, upgraded to a dual channel system.
  2. C

    Advice Needed - Mini 0906 Dual OR Aukey DR02-Dual

    I'm looking at buying two dual camera dashcams for our cars here in the UK. I've been considering the BlueSkySea Mini 0906 and the Aukey DR02. From what I've read, the Mini 0906 has a better (?) front camera sensor in the Sony Exmor IMX291 compared to the IMX323 used by the Aukey. However...
  3. Z

    New release, Aukey DR-01

    Just found this new Aukey dashcam on Amazon Japanese review with many pics Italian review reviews link
  4. RobinAJ

    Silly Question: Powering a Dashcam with a USB adapter.

    I'm 17, living in the UK, going though my driving lessons as-of-now. I'll be car sharing for a little while with my parents, they and I want a Dashcam, probably an 0806 or whatever the newest version of that camera is. The question for me is, can I get a lighter socket to 2/3/4 port USB adapter...