battery problem

  1. T

    Dead battery on NextBase 202 Lite

    Hi all. I have acquired an unused NextBase 202 Lite (genuine reason), but it's battery appears to be dead. I have been searching the forums and reading through the appropriate threads, and it appears to be a common trait. So my questions are: is a replacement battery still available, and is...
  2. thancam

    Battery of dod Ls470w explode ?

    Just pick them on internet. That's why we have to choice dashcam with super capacitor.
  3. B

    DOD 470W doesn't charge battery when on

    Just bought a 470W as a replacement for one of several highly unreliable Mini 0805's that I have. After the 470W rode around in the vehicle for a few days, I decided to bring it in the house and download some video. I was surprised to find it ran for maybe a minute on it's battery. Concerned...
  4. geeksified

    Yi battery usage with WIFI ON

    Hi guys, I just noticed how WIFI eats battery. After exactly 1 hour of standby mode with WIFI on, it lost 55% battery. FYI, WIFI wasn't even connected to my phone and I was not even using the camera. Is this normal?