1. M

    SJ4000 basic\First batch Briked or not ?

    Good day. I have a problem with a SJ4000 non wifi camera 1,5 inch display. It was given to me from my friend because it didn't work. And i asumed that I can repair it. Looked like a firmeware problem so i started to dig in. Did my research and i saw it's pretty common. When i got it i saw the...
  2. L

    Bricked my Thieye T5e

    Tried to upgrade firmware and bricked the camera....Tried to downgrade the firmware and nothing....Can someone PLEASE help me!
  3. logimen

    Z26L hardbricked

    Hi, I bought my Yi Action Z26L on gearbest. Tried to update firmware and I got 3 red leds. Next tried to flash ELF file, got done but my camera turned off and now he behave like on video. No beeping, just flashing power LED and three status leds. Connecting to PC with USB Cable windows...