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    A129 versions

    Hi! What is the meaning of A129-G, VIOFO A129-DG, VIOFO A129-D? And how come on the website states: Input DC5.0V/3.1A via mini USB Same as this...
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    Mobius m12 mount too tight

    Am I missing something? The m12 mount seems too tight to change lens. I can only screw it in a bit... I've used the allen key to remove the locking screw already.
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    Anyone mod the ZOOM Q2N sound recorder?

    Modify its lenses?
  4. Z

    Changing Yi Action Camera UI from Chinese to English

    I just got my new Yi Action Camera. Immediately after connecting the iPhone to the camera the UI is changing from English to Chinese. Looking for instruction ow to correct the above. Thanks
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    Change video mode without WiFi

    Is it possible to switch between video modes when you don't have WiFi/data avaliable? For example if you are in the woods and you have your camera on recording settings "1080p 60FPS" and want to make a time-lapse or record at "720p 120FPS" how do you change modes without WiFi? Thanks in...