1. I

    Cobra CCDC4500 frm Costco

    Option to: 1) Connect to Computer 2) power only is now longer offered when I connect to computer via USB. so Dashcam is not visible to computer. I've only had the dashcam for a short time and connected it to my laptop once. Any suggestions how I can bring that menu choice back?
  2. P

    Ring on the screen and the video

    Hi, How do I get rid of this ring? I've checked everything and I don't see anything that will get rid of it. Every video of mine has this ring now. I can see it on the camera screen while it is recording too. It wasn't there before.
  3. D

    Cobra CDR895d Parking Mode Question.

    Quick question on the parking mode. Does the dash cam need to be recording or just powered on in parking mode to sense motion and g-sensor activity? Can't really find helpful information on this.
  4. sinaloaeshop

    Cobra CDR 840 firmware for fix

    Hello my Cobra firmware records corrupted video files. Only first file works and audio is audible. I think I can fix it with a firmware update or replacement. Can someone tell me wich firmware I can install on it?