1. Ferginator

    Which side of a fuse is Hot vs Cold?

    I have gone up and down the internet trying to look for this but not getting a clear answer. When I type on how to find the difference of the 2 sides, all I get are explanations telling me what each function is like hot is loader and cold is receiver and not how to physically identify which one...
  2. K

    Need dashcam, live in cold weather

    Hey, new to forum and would like a dashcam. Don't need GPS or Wifi or even a screen but I am deciding between Vantrue X2 or R2, Blackvue DR-3500, or the Livue LB100. These are all around $200. I like the Vantures video quality, Blackvues small size, and Livue's price. I also live in an area...
  3. P

    Fuse taps using the hot side aka wrong side

    I've gone ahead and installed my pmp and decided to use a couple of fuse taps. The problem is amazingly my fuse box won't allow me the room to install them the proper way (load on cold side). So what if I run it with the...