dash camera gps

  1. C

    U1000 RADAR Placement

    Hey guys, I am wondering where I should place the radar add-on? Instructions say to place it as high as possible on the windshield while centered, but I am not sure if I should just stick it on the frit in the center of my windshield. Do I need to have it poke out a bit like the U1000 in my...
  2. T

    Help! Dash and Rear Cam With Great Quality Video At Night???

    I have asked a few car shop installers and they quote me $200+ when I see 1080p cams on ebay for cheap. Many car installers scam, so I want to know from those who know cams and use them. I am new to the car cam community. But I am looking for a great quality, even at night, dash and rear view...
  3. CaptureYourAction

    GPS, yes or no?

    How do most feel about the GPS options on their Dashcams? Do you really feel it's a must have option? If you could save $10-20 on a Dashcam by not getting the GPS feature, would you?