dashcam footage

  1. A

    SJCAM Dashcam M60

    SJCAM 4K HDR Dashcam M60 Front: Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 8MP Rear: Sony Starvis IMX307 2MP Interior: Sony Starvis IMX307 2MP
  2. H

    Ongoing recording for Dash Cam

    Hi Does anyone have a brand they would recommend which allows for ongoing recording not looped recording within the UK? I am happy to buy on amazon. I would like to be able to have a playback function of 1 hour. Or has anyone uploaded their own videos to a dash cam before? Thanks
  3. LADriverBoy

    Driver Goes Off at a Red Light

    Driving around Downtown Los Angeles at Wilshire Blvd when a driver decides to go forward on a red light. The driver almost hit a car turning left. YouTube link here.