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    Is the Gitup Git2 diving case reliable?

    Hello, I'm going to dive next month. About 6/8 meters deep. Now I see a lot of posts about a leaked case. What is your diving experience with the Git2 case? Should I go for the GoPro diving case?
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    Git2 goes diving - discussion thread

    Hi all, would like to start this thread in order to exchange thoughts and experiences on diving with the Git2. Topics might be: - setup - light -settings -accessories -sample videos I have some diving experiences with SJ4000wifi and Gopro and it will take some more months before I can go...
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    Flat glass lens underwater housing

    Hi, i have read about the problem with GoPro-Cameras and using the original housing under water by loosing sharpness. Is it the same issue with the Git2 Housing? If yes, is it possible to buy a GoPro underwater-Housing with a flat lens and to use it with the Git2? The other question is, if...