dod rc500s

  1. CaptnEric

    My RC500S Dual Channel Dash Cam not powering on

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find a solution for my problem after doing several searches. I've had my RC500s dual channel dash cam for about 3 years now. It's hard wired with the DOD hardwire kit and I have the latest firmware FWI5GEMI installed. Until...
  2. K


    Hi, I bought a DOD RC500S (2CH) a little while ago online. I am having quite a few issues with it. This is the first dash cam I've ever bought. -CAMERAS WIFI. There is a button to turn the WIFI on, on the Camera. When you press the button, it goes 'beep' but nothing happens....I know it's weird...
  3. moderncouple

    Just frustrating

    App frustrating manual guide incorrect. had my electrician mate install this model. Yup mounted rear cam upside dwn. No mirror flip. Cables where right hand ones however.. unsightly. Moving front cam off centre means missing view on the important drivers side...After numerous attempts to connect...
  4. Chris Hunt

    DOD RC500S FIRMWARE Update 9/5/2017

    Latest firmware for the DOD RC500S with instructions on how to install Posted this again as I thought it might be easier to find in this thread.